Birthday Booktag / Happy 27 to me

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So as you may have already guessed today it's my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with my blogger family by sharing with you a "Birthday Booktag" that I found on the Internet here. I have modified it a little bit, I hope you like it.

With which character would you like to spend your birthday and why? Johanna Morrigan from "How to Be Famous". In this book she is always ready to party and to have fun, she knows about good music and for sure she would lead an interesting conversation about feminism.

If you could spend your birthday in a fictional world, what would it be? "The Great Gatsby". Do you remember the parties he used to host? I would like my birthday celebration to be like one of those parties. Everyone was dancing and having fun. Good music, good outfits, cool people and a lot of food and drinks.

What gift would you like to receive that belongs to a fictional world? Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility.

A character that you would stamp the birthday cake in the face. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille from "The Perfume". I wouldn't even let him in my party, he is so creepy. For sure he would make us all feel awkward and uncomfortable.

If I had to order three books that I wish...

Harry Potter:
A History of Magic

Normal People
I am Malala

If you were to have a theme party, what book would you take the inspiration from? "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Mention a playlist / soundtrack from a book that would liven up your party. "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Even though I don't remember if all the music is just from the movie or it appears in the book too.